Bier ein mass = Me on my ass

Munich: Day ?

Boy oh boy lots has happened since my last blog...
Left Berlin, after partying till the sun came up over the Spree. That was fun.
The next day there was a huge flea market, one of the sellers was from Peru. Finally someone who I could understand, I got to haggle in Spanish.
Next stop was Bacharach, this place defined touristy cheese. A quaint little village on the Rhine. Absolutely gorgeous but painfully touristy. I slept in a castle.
The state of the town made me wonder, what comes first the tourists or the guidebook.
After exploring Bacharach and St. Goar, 2 obscenely touristy towns on the Rhine filled with grandparents, both of which were highly recommended by the Rick Steve's Guidebook, I stopped in Oberwessel (or something like that) for a glass of riesling trocken and spatenburgen (Rhineland's pinot noir). Equally as pretty and as charming, yet was actually a German town rather than somehting out of Disney World (also with better food). Why is it that the 2 other town's that really have nothing to offer that isn't available in Oberwessel are packed full of Americans and Brits. Is it because of Ricky Steve's or is that why he writes about them?

On a related note Bacharach, I think, raises important philosophical questions about the nature of reality and fakeness. What makes it more authentic than Solvang, CA or Helen, GA. They look the same, act the same, you see the same types of people. Comments and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, Munich. Much prettier city than Berlin but it's sort of boring and sterile. I feel like im in a museum when I go to the Metro, everybody whispering. However, biergartens are so cool. In the Enligsh Gardens yesterday we were drinking beer...ein mass. That's a freaking liter of beer, and that's what everybody's drinking. Crazy. Needless to say, by 3pm I was loaded.

By the way, I heard somebody say Achtung das ist mien Fus yesterday. I almost peed my pants.