College of cardinals and me

Rome Day ? + 5 (I think):

We had to come to Roma because the College of Cardinals called me to ask me to consult with them about a new pope. That was pretty neat. Roma is also very cool. It smelly and dirty and loud, sort of like NYC but older and prettier and you can drink on the street. Being able to speak to people is also nice. And the keyboards are normal, except the one I using which has all the letters rubbed off.
One thing that bugs me about Europe in general is that you´ve got to pay to piss. You´d except bathrooms to be immaculate when it costs $0.50 or $1 to go pee, not so.
Anyway, back to Roma...Weŕe staying in a dope hostel here, flat screen TVś, free internet. It´s pretty schwanky. Weŕe off to the beach on a night train tonight. I´m stocked.