Blame Kiefer

The helicopter crash in Iraq today was both tragic and senseless. Similarly, the train derailmeny in California was also deplorable and a reminder, along with the Subway fires in New York this week, of the vulnerability of the nation's mass transit systems. But the morbid point I wanted to make is that I'm honestly very surprised that no one on television has pinned the inspiration for the guy who drove his Jeep onto the train tracks to the first episode of 24 this season. That episode starts with an act of terrorism in which a truck is driven onto the tracks to cause a train crash. I'm not trying to suggest that the person who drove on to the tracks actually was inspired by 24, since I'm sure multitudes of people have killed themselves in exactly that manner before. But I am saying that normally TV and other tabloid news is really fast to blame a tv show or movie for all sorts of tragedies. Columbine for instance. Maybe it will be in tomorrow's tabloids.