Easy charity

Go here before midnight Sunday (Australian time), make a comment, cause 3.45 (Australian) dollars to be donated to Tsunami relief. If you're wondering why someone would make the amount of their donation contingent upon how many strangers log into their web page, the answer I've come up with is that the method he used of making his donation public encouraged other people to pledge matching donations, which is what brought the amount up to 3.45 per comment rather than the one dollar per comment that the site's proprietor, John Quiggen, has personally pledged (up to $1000 Australian). Australia is fifteen hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, making it 7:33 AM on Sunday at the time I am writing this, and making midnight on Sunday in Australia 9 AM Sunday on the East Coast. Also, as of Friday the 14th, €3.45 Australian dollars could be exchanged for $2.62 US or €2 Euro, rounded to the nearest cent, according to the Reserve Bank of Australia.