Ethicist II

I was hoping to make "Mocking the Ethicist" a regular feature, but I'm not particularly bothered by anything he said in this weeks magazine. Besides an odd comment about "flirting with immigration officials," the advice he gives all seems accurate to me. This may be because the questions he chooses to answer are all rather easy. To paraphrase (correspondent first in italics, Cohen in bold):
"My friend owes me money, is it ok if I threaten to have them deported?"
"My son's friend (I bet it's actually her son and the writer is just trying to seperate herself from the issue) says his bike was stolen and the thief left a worse bike behind. Can he keep it?"
"Talk to the police, if the police don't care, it's fine."
"I took early retirement and now my employer is cutting my benefits. Is that legal?"
"You didn't send me your contract, how in the world should I know? Ask a lawyer."