Good teachers are good

I've been reading eduwonk on and off for a while now. It came highly recommended and I have definitely enjoyed reading it. However, while I've missed some posts, I think I could state the principles behind nearly every post I have read in two sentences. Principle 1) Teacher's Unions are opposed to merit based pay and pay based on working in the neediest areas for foolish and short-sighted reasons. Principle 2) Charter schools are a good thing to be experimenting with, and so far the results are quite positive. I think both of those principles are true, and have really found a lot of the anecdotes illustrating them from that site interesting. But the impression I get from reading it is that if teacher's unions these accept changes and some other minor ones, and charter schools became more prevalent, this would solve the United States' education problems. This just seems like too easy an answer to me. Maybe the problem is that I can't really define what "America's Education problems" are. Just saying that there aren't enough good teachers isn't even a starting point. The starting point would be defining goals for the education system as a whole, and I don't even know where to start on that.