Jack Lemmon

I hadn't seen Short Cuts for years, and I just started watching it in the middle, but is it just me or is Jack Lemmon's performance, especially delivery and mannerisms, shockingly similar to his work in Glengarry Glen Ross? Given that one is written by Mamet, who is known for liking particular styles of acting and the other is directed by Altman, who tends to prefer very different styles, isn't that rather strange? What would a Mamet script directed by Altman be like? The only thing I'm fairly sure of is that it would be better than Spartan. How about "a sprawling hard edged look at the lives of a Hollywood agent (Ricky Jay) and others around the LA area. Features an oddly mannered performance from Rebecca Pidgeon as a smalltown girl whose troika is pursued by wolves." Is it really obvious from this that I know more about Mamet than Altman and not much about either? Can anyone suggest better jokes about an Altman/ Mamet collaboration? Why do I ask so many questions in this post.