Other responses to Hersh

Best response: Bitchphd.
I was checking out her site because I figured she'd have a snarky response to Harvard President Larry Summers opening his mouth and inserting his foot on the topic of women in Science. And she did have one, but also a clever response to the Iran situation which involves recourse to a different fictional world. I think about the West Wing, she quotes this comic.

Most obvious response: Andrew Sullivan.
Says he'd be worried if the operations which Hersh exposed and the state department gave a non-denial denial to weren't happening.

Worst response: Little Green Footballs.
The following quote is not taken out of context in anyway, in fact the title of the post it's from is, "The Media is the Enemy." "But it’s discouraging that our government apparently lacks the will to prosecute leaks like this as some form of treason or sedition." I acknowledged that my first reaction was that he might be putting the operation in danger, but it certainly wasn't: "That man should be executed." Execution of course being a bog-standard punishment for treason. UPDATE: I should have read the next sentence more carefully, it's unclear whether he's saying Hersh should be executed or the people who leaked to Hersh. That next sentence reads, "Hersh is only doing what a mainstream journalist in the 21st century does—feeding off the bottom—but the ones who are really to blame are the consultants and intelligence officials who talk to him."

Second worse response: The most popular political blog in the world.
Quotes the above passage on treason and then says, "Indeed. And where is the journalistic outrage that accompanied the Plame story?" The story was published in the New Yorker today. Is the outrage supposed to occur simultaneously with the publication of the story? Also, he agrees on the execution part apparently.