I was playing around on Wikipedia earlier today, and decided to check if they had an entry on Chappaqua. They do. Most of the entry is just a summary of census data, but it also mentions the presence of exactly three businesses. First, the entry reasonably notes the global headquarters of Readers Digest. Then it moves on to Rocky's deli and Lange's deli.
I understand how Wikipedia works, that anyone can change any entry, but who thought that it was more important to note those two deli's than any other business? I may update the Chappaqua entry myself if I can think of anything substantive to put in there. If anyone has suggestions, you can leave them here or update it yourself. Maybe I’ll put in something about the government or ratings of the schools, or famous residents other than the Clintons and Vanessa Williams, if I can think of them. Except that the stuff about the government should go in the New Castle article, since Chappaqua has no government. Oh, and the claim that Rocky's is in Chappaqua as opposed to either New Castle or Millwood is just false.