re: Strategery

Before I started blogging, I always wondered why bloggers would point out their disagreements with each other without talking to the person they were disagreeing with about it. So, when I tried to answer a question Drum was wondering about on Wednesday, I also e-mailed him a version of my answer. He disagreed with my prediction of what the congressional democrats would do, and in he certainly has better resources to know about them than I do.

Also, I'm trying not to just talk about current events, but it's so easy to blog about that. There is something new to talk about everyday. Furthermore, I've noticed a (very small) number of fairly regular readers. Why aren't any of you leaving comments? I find it hard to imagine that you haven't found fault in anything I've said. In particular, I'm referring to someone whose domain is (what are you doing for the inauguration?), someone at Bolt, Beranek & Newman (I don't know who you are) , & a couple of other regular readers.