I haven't been posting anything about Social Security because other people are doing such a good job in that area that I haven't had anything to add to the discussion. But today, Kevin Drum wonders: But I think Bill Thomas is right: after all the wailing and gnashing of teeth on both sides is over, Bush's privatization plan will go down in flames...But here's the funny thing: surely Karl Rove knows this? Unless I'm missing something, it seems like a no brainer. So what's the point?
Maybe this is too obvious, but I've always assumed that if privatization failed, the point was to force the Democratic party to propose either benefit reduction, higher taxes, or most likely some combination of the two, pass it, and then be able to blame the Democrats electorally. While it is totally false, I would expect to hear something like, "Our individual accounts would have kept Social Security healthy without raising taxes, but Democrats not only insisted on raising your taxes, but raising your taxes to provide you with less. We used to complain about tax & spend liberals, but at least they were willing to give you back some of your money. Now they're just tax & tax."