Surviving the game

A couple of years back, when I was reading a lot of the baseball websites, there was something going on called the Baseball Survivor Project. A group of about twenty people got together, and each nominated a list of the top 100 Baseball players of all time. These lists were aggregated, and eue to ties, they ended up with 103 players on their "Island." Then people had a week to make arguments about who was the worst of the players currently on the Island. At the end of the week, each participant voted for who they thought were the five worst, with the player they thought was worst getting five points, second worst four points, etc. When all of the votes were added up, the five players with the most points were off. This process was repeated until they were down to fifty, at which point they started kicking off two at a time. Eventually they were only kicking off one player a week. In the end, they had pretty good hierarchical list of the top players of all time. I was thinking that the format of this project could be used for lots of areas where a list of that kind would be interesting. The one I most want to see right now, despite not really being knowledgable enough to participate, would be top 100 judges. Another possibility would be top 100 films.