Blogroll update

I just added eduwonk, Will Wilkinson (The Fly Bottle), and The Poor Man, to my recommended sites list.
Eduwonk is fairly self-explanatory, they cover news on education policy in a brief but witty manner. Three related topics which they frequently discuss are charter schools, battles with (and within) the teachers union, and testing.
Will is a libertarian with a philosophical bent. He tends to focus less on current events than most blogs and more on philosophical arguments.
The Poor Man is hard to describe. It's a liberal general commentary blog, focusing (lateyl) on events in the news, intra-blogosphere spats and sports. They just did a really nice re-design on the site. One of their regular features is mocking extreme right wingers. It's mean, but hilarious.
Last time I updated the list I put on Belgravia Dispatch, which is mostly focused on the war in Iraq, terrorism, and other events in the middle east. He's more to the right, at least on foreign affairs issues, than a lot of my other links. He's also extremely knowledegable.
I also added Unfogged last time, but they're hard to explain. Two of the four bloggers there go by the pseudonyms Unf and Ogged, though Unf has fallen off the face of the earth. Usually good for quick, funny posts, though also some more philosophical material.