Friday roundup

If you are interested in a really well written post that is part of an intra-blogosphere pissing contest, you have to read John Holbo at Crooked Timber. It's witty, urbane, and shows the Instapundit (a.k.a. Prof. Glenn Reynolds aka the most popular current events/ political blogger in the world) what for. In the context of a longer piece, Glenn claimed and repeatedly defended the claim that Ward Churchill, who believed that 9/11 was justified and who I blogged about (quite well I think) below, is the authentic face of the Left. Since this is a fairly bizarre claim to make, it's really amusing to watch John demolish it. Unfortunately, Crooked Timber itself is broken right now, so the war which would have broken out in the comments thread there can't be enjoyed, but the main post is still readable.

Also, lots of interesting Social Security discussion at DeLong's, Drum's, and Yglesias's.

And an NYTimes review of a Sushi restaurant which serves dishes composed of pictures of Sushi printed on edible paper without any actual fish involved. As Tyler Cowen might say: there are markets in everything.

Update: In the interest of painting a more rounded picture, I would like to note that Reynolds thinks Ward Churchill should not be fired. Though in the course of saying so, he quotes a blog, which he frequently cites supportively, saying that Churchill provides a glimpse of the, "Leftist demimonde."