I fear for the world

62% of self-identified Republicans would elect George W. Bush over George Washington. Other than his work as a general in the Revolutionary War and at the constitutional convention, I don't know much about Washington's accomplishments. Of course, he did take steps to make sure the executive didn't become too powerful, like not running again after two terms. I'm sure he did lots of other good things, but I don't know about them. George W. Bush, on the other hand, has this new methane reduction plan that seems pretty good. And if he provided any funding for it, No Child Left Behind wouldn't suck. But he's also led us to the point where people opposed to torture are arguably not in the mainstream of political discourse. And his tax cuts sucked, and Iraq was a mistake. And Medicare was a complete mess, and he lied about the cost. And Social Security too. But clearly, he's better than Washington.