If only I was a photo-blogger

If you're in or around New York, I strongly recommend going to see the Gates in Central Park. Other than being exceptionally busy, I don't know why you wouldn't go see it. C'mon hypothetical reader, stop being so lazy, and walk around the park for a while. I have a list of three possible reasons people should go to see this massive installation, all of which are sufficient and independent reasons.

1) Aesthetics: You might think they're really pretty. One of the gates by itself isn't that impressive, but at certain points in the park where many of them are visible at once, especially where multiple paths are converging, it's quite impressive.

2) Effort/planning: If you don't find the Gates aesthetically pleasing, it's worth contemplating all the work that went into them. In particular, they had to map out all of the pathways through the park in advance, since the width of the gates changes with the width of the trail you're walking on. Consider the number of person-hours that went into this project and redeem your belief in the power of volunteer work.

3) Walking in Central Park is a good thing all by itself. As long as you don't find the Gates actively displeasing, which I find hard to imagine, you still get the positives of just wandering around a nice park and seeing what people are up to. I was there on the first day of the exhibit and the additional crowds weren't an issue at all in my enjoyment, I don't think future days, especially weekdays, will be worse.

Gothamist has been doing a lot of Gates blogging, they started talking about the project months ago.