Inside (academia) baseball

First, if you haven't read this site for awhile, I recommend skipping every post from today besides this one, and everything from Saturday and Sunday, except that I think the last paragraph of Unacceptable Rhetoric is worth reading Though there's a logical error in that paragraph which I had pointed out to me, having to do with the concept of distance from the truth. But I thought my Thursday and Friday posts were pretty good, so check those out if you missed them.

On to the main point, I guess it's lateral hiring time for next year. Brian Leiter reports that UPenn has lured Steven Perry away from my current institution and that the latter is trying to take two professors, Cynthia Estlund and Samuel Issacharoff off of Columbia. Leiter further notes that,
"this would be the first time in memory (perhaps ever) that NYU successfully recruited faculty away from Columbia." I don't know precisely what this means for some visiting professors that I have, since I don't know what their goals or expectations were about being hired, nor whether NYU will be making more offers. Still, I'll be on the lookout for professors in not so great moods this week. And hope that they aren't reading this, or don't mind me writing it if they are. I find this surprisingly similar to the baseball trading deadline.