My mind is blown

So apparently the President is going to make a serious effort to reduce farm subsidies. I can't process this story, because it appears that Bush is doing something that is both right and politically difficult. So I'm in half giving the benefit of the doubt mode and half assuming that this is just something he's putting in his budget so that the numbers work and has no intention of doing. I would normally have complete confidence in the second, because every administration fudges their budget, but the article indicates that a lot of the big agribusiness companies are seriously worried about the cuts. So I'll be waiting to find out the way in which this facially good news is actually about something evil.

Monday Update: No one who I've seen blogging on this story from any political perspective thinks the cuts will actually happen. In particular, both Prof. Alex Tabarrok at Marginal Revolution and pratlike of LiberalsAgainstTerrorism express grave doubts that farm subsidies will be cut.