OxBlog gets Left Behind

David Adsednik has a series of posts reviewing the first book in the Left Behind series. The posts are calm, cool and collected. He is either doing a good job of reading them without his pre-conceived notions of what they'll say get in the way (which I don't think I could do) or at least doing a good job of keeping those notions out of his blog posts. The main theme he's focusing on is anti-intellectualism in the books and some interesting conflicts he finds with it. He notices passages where the authors seem to be indicating that they want Chrisitianity to appeal to intellectuals (whoever it is that actually describes) for intellectual reasons, right near other passages which are bashing intellectuals. He allows that this makes sense in the books world because there has been direct evidence in that world of the existence of God. I haven't read any of the books in the series, but based on hearsay, the impression I've gotten is that the authors think there are just as good reasons to accept the truth of their particular brand of evangelical christianity in the real world. So I'd hazard that he's being too diplomatic, but I don't really know.