Polygamous relations

Two posts elsewhere that are worth reading:

Tyler Cowen reads a paper on the relationship between polygamy and poverty on a national level, disagrees, discusses the economic costs and benefits of polygamy. Since the quoted summary's main point appears to be that the father's economic resources are spread too thinly among his offspring, I'm unclear if his reply that the child gets the benefit of "papa's good genes and full-time attention from mama," is actually responsive. The best claim from the summary is: polygamy has only died out in the west because multiple wives are too expensive for the middle class.

Henry Farrell discusses recent shifts in EU policy towards what could charitably be described as democracy-indifference, speculates on causes of these changes. At least on Cuba, I would argue the EU policy is just foolish. I'm not an International Relations scholar (or even an IR student), but I do know that Castro is really old. Why is now a good time to improve relations with the Cuban government? The EU's China and Iran policies are both arguably merited, and I'm not sure how much of an explanation they require.