Three points

Today's NYTimes features a story about anti-abortion groups are having a lot of sucess in dissuading women from having abortions by showing them sonograms of the baby. I don't read the story as taking a stance pro- or con-, but I'm pretty sure this is an acceptable tactic. As long as these organizations aren't giving women false or misleading information, and especially as long as they're luring women in by claiming that they themselves are abortion providers, all they're doing is giving the woman in question another piece of information in making her decision. Plus, Iwould guess that most women who are going to these types of counselors already thinking that they aren't going to have an abortion. Well I think anti-abortion groups are just wrong in trying to criminalize abortion, if they stuck to doing things like this I'm not even sure it would be accurate do describe them as anti-abortion in the first place. So hopefully they're just giving women more (accurate) information, and not misleading them, though the quote in the article form a Planned Parenthood member suggets otherwise.

This rather long article about signs of the North Korean government weakening is good news, though it doesn't give any indication of what might replace that government if it does fall apart. Via OxBlog.

I will definetly not be posting any thoughts post The State of the Union. I predict my thoughts will mostly be, "Man, I am depressed. I think I'll get back to my law school reading. It's not as aggravating, and there are far fewer standing ovations."