A cruel and very unusual post

Yesterday, right after his post which I previously responded to, Volokh expressed a very high-level of bloodlust and argued that there is nothing wrong with it. Today, there are some interesting discussions about his post are going on (which he deserves some credit for creating, though I find the ideas behind his post truly awful) at unfogged and Yglesias. See especially my comments, though they aren't really the best ones at either site, they should suffice if you're reading this blog because you actually want some of my viewpoint on particular issues. There is a lot more to be said about this topic, but it's St. Partick's Day and I haven't had a drink yet. Also, a lot of people are making noises about how nothing Volokh says can be accepted anymore, as this post has moved him out of "reasonable discourse." That's wrong, and I'll explain why later.