Daily Show on Lebanon

I'm in the mood to just post some gut reactions to television rather than anything I might want to reflect on. On that note, I'm usually a pretty big Daily Show fan, and I don't tend to assign to much substantive political value to any of their statements. But I was a little bothered by parts of tonight's episode. I'm talking about them making fun of the very serious feud between 50 Cent and Game. Wait, that was hilarious. The part that bothered me was that Stewart and Samantha Bee seemed a little bit too enthusiastic about the huge Hezbollah rally just because it made Bush look bad. It's true, it did make Bush look bad, and I'd rather have a democratic Lebanon with Hezbollah in power than a non-Democratic Lebanon, but the rally really isn't a positive event and just because it makes Bush and over-enthused Bush supporters look bad doesn't make it a good thing.
Oh, and the bit on the schism in the Anglican church was great, especially the joke eliding the difference between Anglican Bishops and Chess Bishops. Watch it when they repeat this episode tomorrow.