It's funny because it's jews

I wish I had known about the contest to name Ann Coulter's next book. I wouldn't have won though, because my entry probably would have been something like, "Libruls is dum. Me is Smrt." The winning entry was: Roosevelt: Wheelchair-Riding, America-Hating Terrorist. According to the article linked above, some of the other good ones were:

Pander: How Character Assassination and Name-Calling Will Make You Popular and Rich.
Democracy: The Liberal Plot to Feed Your Children to the Poor.

Ann: Doesn't Eat, Shoots, and Never Leaves.

Anne responded by once again demonstrating that she knows how to be a ridiculous provocateur. Along with some rather funny title suggestions like:

Tuesdays With Morons.
The Five People You Meet in Line at the Welfare Office.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Kid With A.D.H.D., Rage Issues, and an Eating Disorder.

Their Eyes Were Watching God and Banning Him From Public Schools.

she had to throw in this one:

He's Just Not That Into Jews: The George Soros Story.

Oh, Anne, will you never learn? No, she won't, because she's rewarded for it.