The Jackal

I haven't gotten around to writing my review of the most recent West Wing, (it was really good) but I'd like to take the time to note how awesome Allison Janney's work as C.J. is. They're showing 1.09, The Short List, on Bravo right now. Wait, the rule is show titles in italics, episode titles in quotes. So it's "The Short List." Would it have been better to just change the way I wrote it rather than writing in stream of conscioussness like this?

Anyway, there's a scene where Timothy Busfield, as Danny, comes into C.J.'s office to give her a goldfish. But he had muisunderstood Josh's advice, because Josh recommend (vaguely) that Danny give her goldfish crackers, not an actual fish. Her facial expressions as she goes from perplexed to surprised to laughing are just outstanding, and her laugh is just wonderful, uplifting but a little jaded sounding.