The kind of brainteaser I'm less good at it

Part III of answers to questions that only I was wondering about: What is the meaning conveyed by this form of protest? The meaning I take is, "Life is being silenced." But how could anyone think that is what's happening in this situation, when they're getting more media attention that I could possibly imagine. Is there some meaning of taping things over your mouth that doesn't have to do with being silenced? Maybe it's something like, "Terri's life is ended." But I don't see how taping "life" over your mouth communicates that.

Now, having googled it, the organization behind the protest explains it as, "...identify[ing] with those like Terri who cannot cry out on their own behalf." Which is a meaningful message and I suppose putting tape over your mouth communicates that. Though writing "Life" on the tape implies that they are mind readers (or they deny that anyone ever wants to die), and identifying themselves as being the victim has a lot of hubris to it.