Oh the Places You'll Go...

I'm gonna join in today's blog game and post a map of the countries I've been to, as well as one of the U.S. states which I've been in outside of airport stopovers or driving through without getting out of the car. It's rather hard to discern the Bahamas from Puerto Rico on the map, and as far as I can tell Bermuda is literally invisible. Also, it's difficult to distinghuish Jordan from Israel. I've been to Jordan to see these sights, some of which you may remember from such films as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. As Matt Y. also points out, some countries are really big. This, combined with getting credit for having visited all of a country for having been to part of it makes it look like one has visited more of the world, by several orders of magnitude, than one actually has.


On the United States, I'm being very literal about the not getting out of the car part. So New Hampshire counts because I got out of the car at the State Liquor Store, and Delaware because I've bought gas there on the way to D.C. I'm not sure if I've bought gas in Alabama on the way to Atlanta, so I'm not counting that:

Also, due to the lack of geographical continguity, it's rather odd to me that the World map claims I've been to Hawaii, while the U.S. map correctly notes that I have not.