Studies in the Obvious

Speaking of the Economist, they have a shocking exposé about how the Bush White House economic policy is not being set by economists. Really? Who knew that Karl Rove and other non-economists was in charge of a lot of the economic policy? Oh, right, anyone who can read. Maybe this will push the Economist away from their traditional position of, "We approve of Bush policy proposal X (Social Security reform, for instance). However, we only approve if it's done properly, and by properly we mean A, B, & C, which it's quite clear that the Bush White House has no intention of doing nor the ability to do even if they wanted to." But probably not, because their coverage of United States politics and policy is clearly written by a high-functioning Schizophrenic.

Update: DeLong points out that the portion of the article referring to the Clintion health-care plan as "economist packed" is also inaccurate, based on his perspective as a Clinton administration economist.