Finals are hard. Studying for finals is time-consuming. Therefore, expect less blogging, though there may be more if I need a lot of breaks.

Also, Spitzer is suing some spyware company. The facts presented underdetermine any questions about how politically motivated this is. Further, Spitzer is going to win the governors election easily, though I suppose it's still important for him to keep his name in the news. I'm sure this case will be settled in a week or two, that tends to be the result in these "Spitzer sues major corporation case."

And my captioning game was a massive failure, maybe that picture isn't as amusing as I think.

Finally, I'm going to put up two Randy Cohen related posts sometime soon, the non-ethicist response one of which I learned about from Gothamist.

Update: This post has been changed in a couple of ways since it was originally posted; I can't imagine anyone cares.