Do you ever read something and just think, "I've never met that person, yet they seem to know me so well. How do they do it?" Sam Rosenfeld, for some bizarre reason (probably having something to do with being a reporter) decided to attend the Conference Against an Indepdent Judiciary and Rule of Law in General (aka Confronting the Judicial War on Faith). He transcribed a portion of what one the speakers said, and I really think the speakers description of me and most of my associates is shockingly accurate:

My job is stand in the breach between the left and the president’s judicial nominations . . . You know who they are. You’ve seen them. The pro-abortion fanatics and the radical feminists, the atheists who file lawsuits attacking the pledge of allegiance and the ten commandments, the environmentalist tree-hugging animal-rights extremists, the one-world globalists who worship at the altar of the United Nations and international law, the militant homosexuals and the anti-military hippie pieceniks, the racial agitators who believe we are all created equal but some are a little more equal than others, the union bosses and the socialists posing as journalists and college professors, the government bureaucrats and the tax-and-spend junkies, the Hollywood elitists, the air-headed actors and singers who think that we actually care what they think, the pornographers who fund the leftists and who won’t be happy until every Bible in every child’s hands is replaced with the latest copy of Hustler magazine, and of course the gun-grabbing trial lawyers and their willing accomplices in the United States Senate who won’t be happy until they disarm every last citizen down to the last bee bee and paintball gun.