UPDATE: This post contains really really vague spoilers for the entire run of the series West Wing to date. I don't think reading it will damage anyone's enjoyment of any episode of West Wing, but I suppose it's not impossible.

UPDATE 2 (4/13): I somehow missed that there is no "next week's West Wing," since the one on the night I originally wrote this post was the last episode of the season.

Who is going to die or have an act of violence directed against them in next weeks' West Wing? Every season has ended that way (season two had its death in the second to last ep. and the funeral in the last, but it still counts), and I don't see why this will be an exception. My first instinct is that it's Leo, and that naming him as Vice-President is misdirection. However, I'm goin to go for a more off beat pick and say Mrs. Santos, though I have no idea how or why. I also see Will Bailey as a possibility, though I assume they'll want to bring him back into the Santos White House in some manner.