The first thing we do, let's kill...

So Mark R. Levin, author of New York Times bestseller Men in Black decided to actually defend James Dobson's comment implying that the Supreme Court is the modern day equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan. His argument is that the court has gotten things wrong in the past, including decisions that were clearly racist. Which is true and totally besides the point. He also claims that liberals are unwilling to critique the Supreme Court because we love "government by the Judiciary" so much. Mr. Levin seems to be confused by the difference between "critiquing" and "think that all Judges who issue rulings which go against our policy preferences should be impeached and then imprisoned." I hope it's just self-evidently false to everyone that don't liberals frequently critique courts, Supreme and otherwise, for getting the decision wrong in a particular case. We just don't tend to go beyond that to deciding that the whole institution of an independent judiciary is wrong and that all cases should be decided by which ever side yells the loudest. For more on Levin and his bestseller, see Dahlia Lithwick. It's a worthwhile read.