For all you poker fans

As a followup to a recent discussion about running into famous people (esp. athletes) in everyday life, I submit the following story about one person who, while not famous, is at least renowned in his profession, meeting with another who frequently competes on ESPN despite not being an athlete.

The cast of characters:

Mike D'Angelo - currently reviewing films for Esquire and, he's previously worked for Time Out New York, maintained an extensive compendium of his web based criticism since 1996 or so, and demonstrated his skill as one of the great haiku authors of our time (scroll down to Men with Guns). See also his classic review of The Rock, as well as many others. He does not frequent an underground poker club in New York.

Phil Hellmuth, Jr. - Has won as many World Series of Poker titles as anyone else in history. Not someone you want to see sit down across from you at a Poker table.

The setting:
Early one Saturday morning at the underground Poker club which Mike does not regularly attend.

For the rest of the story, including extensive notes on Hellmuth's drunken playing style, see Mike's blog.