Get off the fence

Senator Chafee seems to want credit for being open minded on the John Bolton nomination. But one really good way to get credit is to actually be open minded. Since it turned out to be Voinovich who kept the nomination from going to the floor two days ago, Chafee so far hasn't done much other than made some noises about his lack of confidence, but how he really wants to give Bush the nominees Bush wants. This WaPo story has a strange take on it, the only news in it is that Chafee says he is, "less likely" to vote for confirming Bolton right now, though it doesn't say less likely than what. So it commits him to nothing at all. On the other hand it sounds negative, and he's saying it in public, so he might also be sending a signal about the chances of the nomination. Finally, the article gives Voinovich strangely little credit for what he actually did. Oh, and the White House acting like no one could have a substantive reason for disliking Bolton is infuriating.