A learning experience

Last Friday, I posted a reaction to Sam Rosenfeld's query about why Democrats would be trying to get DeLay out of office rather than save his complete soullessness for a midterm election issue. I characterized my post as "naïve," but apparently I'm even more of a neophyte in these matters than I thought. Today, the always astute hilzoy notices two articles about DeLay's failings as an ethical person. One is in the NYTimes, the other in the Washington Post. Based on the particular sources and timing used for these articles, hilzoy asserts that it must be someone in the Republican party who is going after DeLay. This, if true, would strongly support Rosenfeld's point, since it means that at least some Republicans perceive DeLay as enough of a liability that they're willing to go after him even if slightly weakens their party in the short term. Given that my main lesson from this is how little I know, I'm not going to speculate any further.