Mutually Assured Destruction?

Kevin Drum and Hilzoy at Obsidian Wings have already posted about the nine bills which Senate Democrats will force floor discussion on if the nuclear option is exercised, which means if you're a regular blog reader, you've already heard about it. If not, I recommend reading about it at Obsidian Wings, since the commenters there are far more informative than the nuts who hang out at Washington Monthly.

I especially like this comment (scroll up one, their comment links are weird):
In the long run, our best hope of getting back to a functioning multi-party democracy, instead of a one-party dictatorship, is for the minority party to realize that these are not normal times.

I think the comment is properly read as saying that the long-term trend is going to be in one of those two directions, not that the current state of our government is a one-party dictatorship. Read in that manner, it's quite right.