News Summary (sorry)

A couple of the big shot blogs have linked to the NYTimes article about how video evidence showed that members of the NYPD were lying on the witness stand. This was in relation to testimony about the circumstances of the arrests for the protesters at the Republican convention. Basically, in many of the cases the police claimed they were being resisted by the protesters, and the video evidence showed calm compliance. In one of the cases, the police edited the video such that it didn't show the part where the defendant followed orders, and a civilian archivist gave an unedited video to the defense. It was the first story I read today too, and if my cynicism project was further along, I would have written something about how Bloomberg arranged this to make liberal activists look bad and scare the country away from the Democratic party. The fact that this even occurred to me probably means that the real explanation is worse, but I can't figure out what the really evil version is. Probably make the Times reporter complicit somehow, but I'm not creative enough to do that.

While that was a disturbing story, I want to shift focus to good news. With a headline I'm sure they've been waiting to use for a while, the online version of the paper announces, "N.Y. Legislators Kill Death Penalty Bill." Excellent.

Also, check out Yglesias on why reporting on health care problems gets things badly wrong. It's a nice piece about which I have nothing to say.