Poetry Month

The start of a new series in which I post excerpts from Ambrose Bierce. While walking to class today, I passed by one of the bookseller's stalls which are frequently set up on the outskirts of Washington Square Park. I was promptly persuaded to purchase a copy of The Devil's Dictionary:

n. In international affairs, a period of cheating between two periods of fighting.

O, what's the loud uproar assailing
Mine ears without cease?
'Tis the voice of the hopeful, all-hailing
The Horrors of peace

Ah, Peace Universal ; they woo it--
Would marry it, too.
If only they knew how to do it
'Twere Easy to do.

They're working by night and by day
On their problem, like moles.
Have mercy, O Heaven, I pray,
On their meddlesome souls