I've been pretty busy from Sunday on this week, and haven't had much time to spend on the blog. This explains the higher than usual rate of "Repeating what I read in the Times today" blog entries. In that spirit (pun intended), I learned today that many California Wines have higher proofs (though no one really refers to the amount of alcohol in Wine as a proof) than French Wines. Traditionally, wines were 12.5% alcohol. While the story isn't clear about what percentage of new California wines are above that, (and by "isn't clear" I mean provides no information at all), it does say, "'s the rare bottle from California, red or white, that doesn't reach 14 percent alcohol. Many now hit 15, even 16 percent..." The best way to get a grasp on these numbers is to realize that four glasses of 15% wine are equivalent to five glasses of 12% wine.