Shortest distance between any two points

Bashing Tom Friedman is a venerable tradition on certain blogs, and with good reason. I like him more than many, because he was the commencement speaker at my college graduation, and did a pretty good job with the speech. Or maybe I was just in a non-critical mood that day and didn't notice the many glaring errors. Either way, the cover of this weeks' New York Press mocks him, and it's very funny. Matt Taibbi's review, on the other hand, is hyper-critical, calling Friedman out on everything that is even conceivably an error and on certain things that plainly aren't.

The best point the review makes is a geometric one, that if the world were flat, things would be further apart than they are in a spherical world. I find it difficult to believe that Friedman wrote a ≅ 500 page book on the theme of the world moving closer together, called it The World is Flat and didn't think of this, but if that really is the case he should be quite embarrassed.

Update: I should probably edit this post so that rather than showing whatever is on the the cover of the current issue of the New York Press, it shows the cover of the particular issue with the Thomas Friedman cartoons. But I can't find the full cover anywhere on the internet. So here's a link to the cartoonist.

Update 2: I got it.