What's the matter with your Yankees?

I was visiting family this weekend, and heard the titular question quite a bit. I didn't have much of an answer then other than, "I'm not that worried, so many of them are playing below their true talent that I think things will turn around." I just found a better answer: I'm not really paying much attention to Boston much right now, or the standings. I just checked them for the first time in a while today. I didn't know the Yankees were in last place, but they're 8-11, which is exactly the same record they had after getting swept by Boston at home almost exactly a year ago.

They were four and a half back then, and they're four back now, so big deal. It took them about a week to get back into first place last season.

That's from Larry Mahken discussing the current state of the Yankees at the Hardball Times. Read the whole thing, if you care. It's quite good.