Another Saturday Night...

I titled a post from last week "Last Refuge of the Desperate Blogger" because I couldn't think of anything to write about. That post is mainly made up of me quoting something I was reading. Turns out I was wrong about that being the last refuge.

What I'm Watching: Miami Blues was just on some movie channel, and I'm quite happy I chose to watch it. Jennifer Jason Leigh's performance is quite moving, especially when she describes how to make vinegar pie. I am not kidding. Netflix users, add this film to your queue. I quite like both Beatle Juice and State & Main, but I feel pretty confident that this features Alec Baldwin's all time best performance, and a welcome contrast to his wooden work in, for instance, Team America (I know, groan). Oh, and rather than imply by omitting that I'm not a big fan, I don't think Baldwin is particularly good in Glengarry Glen Ross, though I am a big fan.

What I'm Reading (Bound paper edition): Austin, How to do things with words (2nd. Edition). I was fairly impressed that a local Borders was carrying this in their philosophy section, and couldn't resist buying it. I'm only through the first two lectures so far, and since the first one covered almost everything I knew about Austin's work before I started it (except for some of his analysis of promises), I expect to learn quite a bit.
Also, Penn Warren, All the Kings Men. I may be the only person in the world with a copy of this book signed by the person who signed mine. He's a currently living ex-President of the United States, and a Democrat. I'm oddly proud of this fact despite not having actually done anything to cause it. Sort of like being proud about a lightening strike.

What I'm Reading (Blog edition): John Emerson's first substantive post at the Weblog is neatly written. Yglesias needs to change this post to credit me, since I asked the question he's answering, not some Joe Smith person. I'm being somewhat annoying about asking to have it changed (this is now the third place I've made such a request), but I thought it was pretty clever of me to think back to that particular hanging thread.

What Word I'm Overusing in This Post: Quite.