Yesterday, possessed by the imp of the perverse, I listened to part of Michael Savage's radio show. I have no intention of looking for a transcript, so you'll have to believe that I'm paraphrasing accurately.

First, he was talking about how the riots in Afghanistan and Pakistan last week show the difference between civilized people and non-civilized people. Within five minutes of this, he says that he'll be discussing the filibuster later in the show, and when he does this he'll talk about how "Chuckie Schumer" is a bigot and has taken on the role of "a 1920's Southern Sherrif," because he's blocking the nomination of a single black woman. Within ten minutes of that comment, he said that it was a huge mistake to pay any money in Tsunami relief because the Tsunami only struck "Muslim lands," and were a message from God that the Muslims need to reform their ways.

To speak bluntly, anyone who says these things is scum, deserves no respect from anyone, and the fact that people listen to his radio show for any reason other than to be astonished by how crazy he is terrifying. Oh, he also described liberalism as a mental illness and said that it's a religion of the irreligious. More importantly, he really managed to show that he couldn't care less about actual racism or any other illegitimate distinction. If you think it is perfectly acceptable to talk about Muslims as lesser people and then to turn around and accuse others of bigotry for decisions that you have no reason at all to think are motivated by racial reasons, you're showing that you believe that "bigotry" is just a political issue and not something to actually be concerned with.