Grey skys are gonna clear up

I don't have to be negative; I can also be a cockeyed optimist. I admit that I'm not particularly sure that any of these new Circuit Court judges will, either individually or on a macro level as incremental rightward movements of the nation's judiciary, have truly pernicious effects. This is primarily because I have not looked closely enough at their previous opinions to come to such a conclusion, nor have I read anything by an authoritative and trusted source predicting what particular decisions they'll make that I would consider wrongly decided. If Owen is able to issue decisions which restrict abortion rights in contravention of legislative intent to provide wider rights, that would certainly be a great reason to be negative, and if the time comes, I will. And anything Brown is able to do as part of her stated intent to essentially reverse the New Deal without any grant of power to do so from a duly elected legislature would be quite harmful to the American people and a reason to despise her.

And trying to be optimistic about this probably ignores Daniel Davies' oft-cited one minute MBA. But what the hell, let's assume that things are going to be great, and that somehow the so-called "greenhouse effect" (the Linda variant to be precise) doesn't only affect Supreme Court appointees.