I see London, I see France...

The TSA isn't thinking far enough outside of the box with the new "backscatter" x-ray imaging devices. They're thinking about it as a new way to detect people bringing weapons onto an airplane. It could serve that purpose, but they're somehow missing out on its suitability as a new revenue source. Given that, "It shows nipples. It shows the clear outline of genitals." If they auctioned off a shift at a time to enterprising voyeurs, they might be able to fund the whole TSA budget. People would pay more for the routes they believed or knew celebrities would be flying, and the TSA could also go into the business of selling (probably through a third party) tips on where and when one is likely to see Jennifer Garner, for example. They could also move into the business of selling lead-lined (assuming the physics I learned from Superman comics is accurate) clothing to people who want to avoid being leered at. Eventually they could move to a model of paying for the entire federal government on peep show revenues, which I'm sure wouldn't cause problems with any political interest groups.

(via Prawfsblawg)