The last refuge of the desperate blogger

"What is the nature of the employment, Mr. Marriot?"
"I should prefer not to discuss that over the phone."
"Can't you give me some idea? Montemar Vista is quite a distance."
"I shall be glad to pay your expenses, if we don't agree. Are you particular about the nature of the employment?"
"Not as long as it's legitimate."
The voice grew icicles. "I should not have called you, if it were not."
A Harvad boy. Nice use of the subjunctive mood. The end of my foot itched, but my bank account was still trying to crawl under a duck. I put honey into my voice and said: "Many thanks for calling me, Mr. Marriot. I'll be there."

I've said it before, but I like Chandler. This is also a case of Marlowe just being a cool cat. I'd quote from the other thing I'm reading, but the Stoppard quoting blogger gig is already taken, and this is the first play of his I've read.