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Since he appears to be doing a good job of getting himself positive news coverage (see also fawning editiorials after the filibuster "compromise"), does anyone have thoughts on likely policies and other merits of a McCain presidency, as opposed to say a Hillary presidency? What are the major policy differences, as well as possible similarities? Would McCain continue with a policy of tax cuts and spending increases, or even the slightly less bad tax cuts and spending remaining constant. I'm aware of and provisionally accept that the far right is numerous enough and loud enough to be fatal to him in the primaries, but there's a long time until 2008. Also, the bad stuff I usually hear about him involves his over interfering tendencies, like trying to combat steroids in sports. While that is annoying, it seems like the job of being President would force him to do less of that not more. Oh, and he's been too complicit with the Bush administration, but what potential Republican candidate hasn't? [Not a rhetorical question.]