Powerline makes me want to claw me eyes out

Hindrocket says that Democrats don't care about soldiers dying. The actual quote is, "Soldiers have been dying in the line of duty for a long time--even in peacetime, theirs is a dangerous profession. When did the left suddenly start caring?"

Maybe you're thinking, "Washerdreyer, you're being unfair. He said the left, not Democrats." But John is a helpful sort who wants to avoid problems like that. In the immediately preceding post, he listed the following people as, "a pretty good roster of the far left."

Senators "BIden [sic], Boxer, Cantwell, Corzine, our own Mark Dayton, Dodd, Dorgan, Feingold, Kennedy, Kerry, Lautenberg, Levin, Lincoln, Murray, Reed, Sarbanes and Stabenow." If these seventeen senators are the far left, I think I'm being charitable in saying he's only accusing Democrats of not caring about soldiers dying. He's probably accusing far more people than that, I would estimate half of the United States population or so. As for his actual claim, rebutting an absurdity requires pretending that it's within the realm of reasonable discourse. Also, it's only verifiable by telepathy, which I haven't learned yet.

AOTW, Powerline is 21 in Technorati's top blog rankings.