Uninspired thoughts

What would the harms and or benefits be if the Presidency of the United States had no ceremonial or ritualistic functions? To give an example of how broadly I'm using the concept of "ceremonial function," being President wouldn't entail living in a special house, but would presumably still involve giving a State of the Union address (and directing the military, cabinet departments, and executive agencies to exactly the extent he is currently authorized to do so, but I assume that's obviously not ceremonial). The address would most likely not have the same pomp and circumstance surrounding it that it currently does. Part of the effect of this would presumably to change the desired characteristics of the President from inspirational leader to competent manager.* It's uncertain that losing the ceremonial aspects would have this affect, because there's a human need to believe that someone who has authority over you has it by virtue of their virtues, but I thing it would at least substantially diminish that aspect of the President's public image. And I just found out I'm late for dinner, so consider this a post in progress.

*This is not meant at all as an anti-Bush screed, but really as an absract contemplation. Nevertheless, some elements of my low-opinion of the current President may accidentally intrude.