Revealing personal anecdote

On Friday, I was talking to some friends, and we made plans to go to the Belmont Stakes. Knowing nothing about horse racing, but wanting to win some money, I decided to make use of the blogosphere's collective intellectual capital. Aware that he has had a surprising degree of success in the past, I left a comment on the as of that writing top post on Steve Levitt's Freakonomics blog, asking for his thoughts on the race. Unfortunately, I didn't check his site anytime between 5 PM on Friday and sometime on Sunday morning, after having attended and lost money on the race. So I was quite chagrined to see that he had responded and properly picked the exacta on Friday night. My exacta bet had the correct winner but the horse which actually came in tenth (!) picked for second place. I had five dollars on that bet, so I can safely say that my lack of follow-through cost $110. Me am dum.